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This page explains what cookies are, how and why we use them to improve the browsing experience on the site and how you can modify or delete their installation. If you have any doubts or need any information you can write an email to

In line with current law, we inform you that this site uses cookies to improve the user experience.

On this page you can find all the information you need to understand what cookies are for and what types we use.

By clicking on the banner that appears when you first access the site, you can decide whether to accept or reject the installation of cookies.

Depending on the type of cookies disabled, the site may not work properly.



A cookie is a simple text file that is stored on the user's computer or mobile device by a website server and that can be read or retrieved from the server itself. It contains some information and allows the website to remember, for example, the user's preferences or the products in his cart. The Directive on Electronic Communications and the Provision of the Privacy Guarantor of 8 May 2014, no. 229, on the subject of "Identification of simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies", provide that the use of cookies can only be allowed only with the user’s consent.


They can be divided into the following categories: Necessary Technicians, Preferences, Statistics, Marketing and Additional Features.

- Technicians: they are essential for the proper functioning of the website pages and cannot be deactivated.

- Preferences: used to store the choices made by the user to improve navigation.

- Statistics: the third-party tool of Google Analytics is used to anonymously collect and examine the behavior of visitors while using the site.

- Marketing: installed to show advertising content targeted to the interests of the person.

- Additional Features: this category includes any other additional features included in the site.



- Without prejudice to the foregoing with regard to cookies strictly necessary for navigation, the user can delete other cookies through the functionality made available for this purpose by the Data Controller through this information or directly through their browser.

Each browser has different procedures for managing settings. The user can obtain specific instructions through the links below.

Microsoft Windows Explorer
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari

- The deactivation of third-party cookies is also possible through the methods made available directly by the third-party company owner for this treatment, as indicated at the links reported in the paragraph "third-party cookies”

- For information on the cookies stored on your terminal and to disable them individually, please refer to the link:


How to disable third party service cookies

Servizi di Google



- TECHNICAL COOKIES of functionality

The purpose of this cookie is to store the consent choices for their use by the user.

The prior consent of the user is not required for the installation of these cookies.


Title: Google Analytics

Cookie Name: _ga Expiry: 2 years

Cookie Name: _gat Expiry: 1 minute

Cookie Name: _gid Expiry: 1 day

Purpose: It helps website owners to understand how visitors interact with the content they own.



Title: Google ADS


Expiry: 1 year

Purpose: they allow us to study and improve our marketing actions on the site carried out through Google AdWords.



Title: Banner Cookie

Cookie Name: cookie_notice_accepted

Expiry: 1 year

Purpose: The express acceptance of the use of cookies by the site is stored in the cookie.

(last update: 02/03/2021)

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